Sexy Horse Ride

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Liz Stewart

curvyswervydames submitted:       ;-)

This is my great great great great great great great grandmother.

Nan Goldin, Kate Moss on a White Horse as Lady Godiva, Highgate Cemetery, London, 2001


The launch of ‘Lady Godiva' on DVD was marked with a naked ride in Hyde Park London which also raised money for Maggie's Cancer Support Centre. The film is based on the 11th story (or probably myth) of a Lady Godiva who rode through the streets of Coventry to protest at her husband’s imposition of a tax on the local people. This ‘Lady Godiva’ story is updated for the 21st century.


So this weekend I am on the web looking for a new sexy girl to post. I find Monica Mattos. I am DAMN she is sexy and I bet my 10 followers would love her. So I looked for more pics. I like to get the best that I can. I am all hard and happy then I find this shit. 

WTFHELL! Don’t take this wrong but when I was a kid only old ugly bitches fucked animals. Not hot latin chicks. To top it off there were several hot women fucking all kinds of animals. so now I am sitting there with a confused boner thinking that I need to have an application made up.

When I meet a good looking woman for now on the first thing out of my mouth will be “Have you ever engaged in sexual contact (not limited to) sucking, fucking or manual pleasure with an animal? Animal defined as and not limited to horses, dogs, Michael Bay, cats or reptiles of any kind (Not limited to) wild or domesticated.  

Shit just can’t trust anyone anymore.